Twitter explains how it is fighting fake news menace

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Twitter explains how it fought fake news during the shootout at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno

During the minutes and hours after the shootout at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, people started tweeting about it. While many people were trying to circulate the right news there was plenty to spread the fake news. The menace of fake news has become a serious threat on social media platforms. In their blog post, Twitter explains how it is fighting fake news menace and serving the public conversation during breaking events.

During these types of situations, some of the ways we evaluate content include:

  • Is the content posted to harass or abuse another person, violating our rules on abusive behavior?
  • Is this meant to incite fear against a protected category as outlined in our hateful conduct policy?
  • Could misrepresenting someone in this way cause real-world harm to the person who is targeted per our rules on violent threats?
  • Is this account attempting to manipulate or disrupt the conversation and violating our rules against spam?
  • Can we detect if this account owner has been previously suspended? As outlined in our range of enforcement options, when someone is suspended from Twitter, the former account owner is not allowed to create new accounts.

Hundreds of accounts were suspended and many user posts were removed for spreading fake news and conversations related to the event. Twitter also made use of tools like Moments to highlight reliable information that people could trust. The information was available in 16 countries and in five different languages.