Get ready to make calls and browse the internet mid-air

Indian Government clears the proposal to make calls and browse the internet mid-air

Now you can make calls and browse the internet mid-air. In a major breakthrough, the government of India has cleared the much-awaited proposal to allow calls and internet services on the aircraft. Fliers no longer need to switch their phones to airplane mode. The service will be rolling out over next three to four months.

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42 Chinese Apps considered dangerous by Indian Government

Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) suggests 42 Chinese apps are spyware or malware

Inputs from several government agencies like Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) last year suggested that 42 Chinese apps are spyware or malware. These Chinese apps have the potential to lead a cyberattack against the country. On the basis of the findings and research, Indian agencies have issued a warning to the Indian army and paramilitary against the usage of such apps. The list contains big names like TrueCaller and WeChat.

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Swype virtual keyboard ends it services on Android

Nuance is shutting down Swype virtual keyboard services on Android

Nuance is shutting down Swype to focus on AI services

Swype a popular virtual keyboard with Dragon Dictation for smartphones and tablets is bidding farewell to its operations on Android. Founded in 2002 by Swype Inc. and was later acquired by Nuance in 2011. Supporting more than 50 languages, Swype was among Time magazines 50 Best Android Applications for 2013.

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