In June 2018 Google to ban cryptocurrency ads from Google Adwords

Google Adwords will ban cryptocurrency ads from June 2018

Google will ban all ads related to cryptocurrency from June 2018. Google recently updated Adwords financial based policy to restrict various forms of Ads, including financial spread betting, Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex. All cryptocurrency related content like initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency trading advice Ads will be banned.

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In 2017 Google removed 3.2 billion bad ads, blocked 320k publishers, 90k websites and 700k mobile apps

Google removes offensive content, fake news and malware sites

Google nabs violators for violating the content

World’s largest search engine and digital advertising platform, Google is the source of information, earnings and lots more to billions of people across the globe. With billions of people using it on daily basis for multiple reasons, it is one of the natural choices for any advertisers and publishers. This has also lead to false or misleading information being spread through their platforms by ads or content which are monetized.

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