Parents can now control YouTube Kids to only show human approved videos

Google announces new parental controls for YouTube Kids

Google announces new parental controls for YouTube Kids

Google announced new parental controls for YouTube Kids. Instead of YouTube algorithm suggesting videos, parents now will be able to restrict YouTube Kids to display only handpicked videos.

How does this work?

Now, when a parent disables the search option on their kid’s profile, a new option “approved content only” can be turned on. After turning off the search option parents can limit the recommended videos to the ones which humans have approved and not the algorithm. Further, one can customize within “the approved content only” section. Parents have the liberty of choosing from the collections of videos which are made by YouTube and YouTube trusted brands like Sesame Workshop and PBS Kids.

There are a variety of collections from arts & crafts, music to sports, learning and much more that parents can choose for their kids.

In recent times, YouTube has faced the heat for many controversies. Last year, the company came under fire for “Elsagate” episode. Videos with strange troubling content used recognizable superheroes and Disney characters to beat YouTube Kids algorithm.

Last month, YouTube Kids was facing content-related problems. Conspiracy theory videos, videos like moon landing was faked, aliens building the pyramids, reptile-human hybrids running the planet and more such videos were being suggested by YouTube Kids on their app.

The Internet is not a safe place anymore. With all kinds of people prying into the online world, we need to protect our children from them. YouTube is a huge platform for kids for entertainment to learning and much more. Google is taking the right step by addressing to the parent’s concerns over inappropriate content that children can see on YouTube. This is a better option than trusting the algorithms which can be cheated. It is better to personally choose what content your child can see. After all, kids safety comes first.

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