Google Assistant to become multilingual, more than 30 languages to be added by year-end

Google’s AI-based Google Assistant to add more than 30 languages by year-end

Google announced its AI-based Google Assistant will support over 30 languages by the year-end, covering 95% of Android devices worldwide. It will soon become multilingual. This means users will be able to speak in more than one language. This feature will be helpful for people who speak their native language in their home, while they speak in a different language at their work or with other people.

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Snap Inc. CEO Evan Spiegel earned $638 million last year; while company faces heat from Kylie Jenner’s Tweet

Kylie Jenner’s tweet cost Snapchat $1 billion in market capitalization

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel earned $638 million in 2017

Snap Inc. went public last year, since then its stock investors might not have made enough money but CEO Evan Spiegel certainly received a hefty payday. In its first Annual report as a public company, the report revealed how much power Spiegel holds.

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New Google Chrome update to trim the junk attached in the end of a URL

While browsing the internet, you may have often encountered with URLs having long unnecessary junk of characters attached to it. It becomes really annoying while copying or sharing those links with someone. Google finally is doing something about it. The new version of Google Chrome v64 will trim all unwanted strings in the URL.

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Swype virtual keyboard ends it services on Android

Nuance is shutting down Swype virtual keyboard services on Android

Nuance is shutting down Swype keyboard on iOS and Android

Nuance is shutting down Swype to focus on AI services

Swype a popular virtual keyboard with Dragon Dictation for smartphones and tablets is bidding farewell to its operations on Android. Founded in 2002 by Swype Inc. and was later acquired by Nuance in 2011. Supporting more than 50 languages, Swype was among Time magazines 50 Best Android Applications for 2013.

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Alibaba to stream Disney’s animated shows in China

Disney signs a deal with Alibaba to stream its animated shows in China

Alibaba Group’s entertainment has signed a major licensing deal with every child’s favourite film studio Disney. In China you may not be able to access means of mass communication like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp but soon will be able to watch a range of Disney’s animated movies and shows. Many of Disney’s films and more than 1000 episodes of their series are covered under the agreement. This deal certainly makes Alibaba the largest distributor of Disney’s animated content in China.

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Wikipedia Articles Written by Google AI?

Google Brain AI is working on Wikipedia articles

Internet is huge and widely spread and has tons of data in form of articles, blogs, pictures, videos, tweets and much more. It’s impossible to keep up with such huge data. An AI with a better algorithm in future can certainly make it possible to track, read, categorize and put it to a better use.

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