New Google Chrome update to trim the junk attached in the end of a URL

New Google Chrome v64

While browsing the internet, you may have often encountered with URLs having long unnecessary junk of characters attached to it. It becomes really annoying while copying or sharing those links with someone. Google finally is doing something about it. The new version of Google Chrome v64 will trim all unwanted strings in the URL.

The URLs automatically gets short when the user will use ‘Share’ menu in Google Chrome. If the user manually copies the link directly from the URL bar, he will still get all the junk attached at the end of URL. This feature won’t be available on Chrome Custom Tabs. The Chrome URL trimming will also remove anchor tags which loads a page to a specific location.

As per Android Police, this feature is related to the “canonical page” URLs Google had supported some time back.

What is a canonical page?

A canonical Page is an authoritative page which needs to be mentioned to Google in case of multiple URLs or different pages pointing towards the same content.

Recently, Google Chrome announced it will be rolling out Chrome with a new built-in ad-blocking feature. It is more like a filter which will block only those ads which are in violation of the standards set by Coalition for Better Ads.

What kind of Ads will be blocked?

Pop-up ads, ads that come as a countdown before you can access the websites content, auto-playing ads, large sticky ads are some of the types of ads which will get blocked.

In the new Google Chrome world, no more annoying big strings of URLs or ads that keep distracting us from the main content. While this move will not be appreciated by the advertisers, users are definitely going to benefit from it. Advertisers will need to come up with new and better strategies to reach out their target audience.