Microsoft is now offering public courses for building Artificial Intelligence skills

Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Professional Program course

Microsoft adds Artificial Intelligence (AI) track to its Professional Program courses

Microsoft has added an Artificial Intelligence (AI) track to its Professional Program courses. This would certainly help the people working in the IT industry to build their skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

The track comprises of online courses and is open to the public. The applicants would be using technologies like Python, Math, Ethics, Data Analysis, Azure Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Speech Recognition to gain skills.

Track details:

Starting at the beginning of the quarter, each course runs for three months. January—March, April—June, July—September and October —December. The capstone runs for four weeks at the beginning of each quarter. One can take the course during any course run and in any order. When multiple course options are listed for a skill, only one must be completed to satisfy the requirements for graduation.

The final project is six weeks long and is also offered four times per year. On completing the full track students receive a digital certificate. In order to receive credit in the Microsoft Professional Program, one needs to buy Verified Certificates from as proof of your successful completion.

In a statement, the company said: “The program provides job-ready skills and real-world experience to engineers and others who are looking to improve their skills in AI and data science through a series of online courses that feature hands-on labs and expert instructors.”

“AI is increasingly important in how our products and services are designed and delivered and that is true for our customers as well,” said Susan Dumais, Assistant Director of Microsoft Research AI. “Fundamentally,” she added, “we are all interested in developing talent that is able to build, understand and design systems that have AI as a central component.”

There are many companies who are focused on working and developing AI. This platform provided by Microsoft will be useful to both those who are looking to work in the tech industry and for companies who want to recruit people with AI skill sets.

You can learn more about the program here.