In June 2018 Google to ban cryptocurrency ads from Google Adwords

Google bans cryptocurrency ads

Google Adwords will ban cryptocurrency ads from June 2018

Google will ban all ads related to cryptocurrency from June 2018. Google recently updated Adwords financial based policy to restrict various forms of Ads, including financial spread betting, Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex. All cryptocurrency related content like initial coin offerings, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and cryptocurrency trading advice Ads will be banned.

As per Google, Advertisers offering Contracts for Difference, rolling spot forex, and financial spread betting will be required to be certified by Google before they can advertise through AdWords. Certification is only available in certain countries.

How can advertisers get certified by Google?

In order to get certified advertisers will need to take the following steps:

  • Be licensed by the relevant financial services authority in the country or countries they are targeting
  • Ensure their ads and landing pages comply with all AdWords policies
  • Comply with relevant legal requirements, including those related to complex speculative financial products

Starting March 2018, Advertisers can request for certification when the application form is published.

This move is line with Google’s continuous effort to respect and make the user experience better. In 2017, Google took down more than 3.2 billion ads which are more than 100 bad ads per second. Google also blocked 79 million ads from their ad network. They also removed 66 million “trick to click ads.” Nearly 2 million pages each month, 320,000 publishers, nearly 90,000 websites and 700,000 mobile apps were also removed from Google ad network for violating their policies.