Get ready to make calls and browse the internet mid-air

Indian Government clears the proposal to make calls and browse the internet mid-air

Now you can make calls and browse the internet mid-air. In a major breakthrough, the government of India has cleared the much-awaited proposal to allow calls and internet services on the aircraft. Fliers no longer need to switch their phones to airplane mode. The service will be rolling out over next three to four months.

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Facebook dating coming soon. Here’s how it will work

Facebook announces new dating feature

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will launch a new dating feature during Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference. Facebook dating certainly puts Tinder’s business at risk. Facebook dating feature will allow users to create a dating profile and match with potential love interests. This profile will only be visible to non-friends who have also opted for dating.

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Twitter sold data access to Cambridge Analytica-Scandal researcher Aleksandr Kogan

Aleksandr Kogan had one day access to Twitter users data in 2015

Twitter has confirmed to Bloomberg that it sold public data access to researcher Aleksandr Kogan. In 2015, Aleksandr Kogan’s firm Global Science Research (GSR) had paid for one day Twitter users data access. Twitter said they had selected a random sample of public tweets from the period between December 2014 and April 2015. They also conducted an internal review and did not find any access to private data of people who use Twitter. Since then the company has removed Cambridge Analytica and their affiliated entities as advertisers.

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Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter are discriminating against women

Is Instagram and Twitter behaving sexist?

A grave question lies upon us – Do we really live in a male dominant and a sexist society? I guess we do, especially on social media platforms. Algorithms of various social media platforms have a more sexist approach when it comes to women’s profile as per researchers at Columbia University.

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Reddit bans 944 accounts linked to IRA Russian troll farm; CEO says racism is permitted on the platform

Reddit has banned 944 accounts linked to IRA Russian troll farm. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman published the team’s annual transparency report and released the entire list of 944 accounts. The report is to keep Redditors apprised of the constant requests and approvals by governments and law enforcement for production or preservation of user data.

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Mark Zuckerberg notes and highlights from Congress hearing

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before US Congress

Mark Zuckerberg left his notes open during Senate hearing break

Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook testified before the Congress in a marathon five-hour session about Cambridge Analytica scandal. Zuckerberg left his notes open during a break of his hearing which allowed an Associated Press photographer to snap pictures of it.

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Twitter explains how it is fighting fake news menace

Twitter explains how it fought fake news during the shootout at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno

During the minutes and hours after the shootout at YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, people started tweeting about it. While many people were trying to circulate the right news there was plenty to spread the fake news. The menace of fake news has become a serious threat on social media platforms. In their blog post, Twitter explains how it is fighting fake news menace and serving the public conversation during breaking events.

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